2.5 LB Aluminium Oblong Pan
2.5 LB Aluminium Oblong Pan

2.5 LB Aluminium Oblong Pan

Deep delicious meals-to-go perfectly secured in this Choice 2.25 lb.
foil oblong take-out container with dome lid. Whether your customers are taking home leftovers from your restaurant or buying a freshly cooked meal
out of your food truck, this take-out container is a perfect choice.
The foil material is durable to ensure that your food stays secure. In addition, this container comes with a dome lid,
which fits securely over the hemmed edges, keeping your food safe.

Length: 8 3/4"
Width: 6 3/4"
Height (with lid): 3"
Height (without lid): 2"
Capacity: 2.25 lb.