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If you’ve heard of cilantro, you know about coriander. The two are one in the same, both coming from the plant family Apiaceae. Even though the whole plant is edible, only the dried seeds and leaves are used in cooking.

Cooking with Whole Coriander

Fresh coriander seeds make for a subtle, yet great flavor boost in food. You can add coriander in whole or ground form for a nice infusion.

Ground coriander makes a sweet addition to batters, while whole is excellent as a meat rub or condiment.

Here are the best ways to work it into your cooking routine:

  • Coriander Pork Pot: Add a touch of chopped coriander leaves to take your pork pot to the next level.
  • Coriander Roasted Potatoes: Boil vinegar and mustard seeds in a saucepan for 5 minutes before transferring into a larger bowl and adding coriander.
  • Lemon Coriander Chicken: Place your coriander seeds in a skillet over high heat and wait until you begin noticing a smooth aroma. Add garlic, lemon zest, honey, minced peppers, and lemon juice. Then prep your chicken breasts with a little bit of salt and pepper before placing in the marinade. After marinating for 3+ hours, it’s time to preheat the oven to 400 degrees, cover them with the marinade and begin baking for 20 minutes.