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  • Jaggery contains many nutrients than just energy. It contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium  iron, zinc, and others. These all good part of sugarcane value removed in the process of Sugar making. Sugar is a refined product.
  • Jaggery release energy slowly which is good for our health. Sugar release sudden burst of energy. So, Jaggery is better for diabetics as well. It is good for normal human compared to Sugar. Ayurveda does approve of taking anything which release sudden burst of energy in general. 
  • Jaggery also does many things due to its nutrients and other qualities left due to non refined work. It acts as a purifier, good for acid balance and many. 
  • Jaggery is eco-friendly. It does not waste water as Sugar does in course of making. 
Food companies should provide Jaggery in easy to eat form. People find it difficult to consume Jaggery due its solid cube. It should be sold in broken form!