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These brown paper bags will give your valuable products the reliable protection that they need and deserve! From egg rolls to freshly baked cookies, all of your small food products and beverages will fit securely in these 12 lb. bags. Measuring with a spacious gusset, this attractively subtle bag offers plenty of room and is backed by a 40 lb. basis weight to support even dense, heavy baked goods!

Securely holding up to 12 lb. and with a basis weight of 40 lb., these standard duty bags are strong enough to hold whatever small side or specialty items your customer buys. From slices of banana bread to macaroons or even hot, flaky spring rolls, small foods won't tear through this bag and cause a mess for your customer. Because these bags are a plain brown color without extra printing, colored marker and pen will show up fantastically so that labeling is a breeze! You can even apply stick-on labels or stamps to create your own design and to make a unique package for your customer.

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