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Medium-duty acrylic packaging tape! This durable 2.0 mil thick tape is ideal for sealing moderate weight cartons where high tack fiber pulling adhesive is necessary. With a tensile strength of 24 lb. and 140% elongation at break, this tape resists splitting and tearing to provide your packages with optimal protection. It withstands temperatures from -20 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit to hold up in extreme weather conditions. Plus, with a high resistance to UV light, it will not yellow during shipping.

This acrylic packaging tape uses emulsion acrylic for a secure hold and superior strength. It has a peel adhesion of 24 oz. per 1" of tape to ensure an optimal balance between proper adhesion and easy removal. This tape also boasts high shear resistance to firmly hold down box flaps. With a reliable construction, this product eliminates the need for layers of tape to get the job done. This durable, convenient packing tape is an ideal tool for mailing, packing, and storage facilities.

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